Nei giorni scorsi insieme alle altre due Business Chambers europee, East Meets West (Austria) e SGLCC (Svezia) IGLBC ha avviato e strutturato una collaborazione con lo scopo di mettere in comune le attività ed esperienze allo scopo di dare un maggiore respiro europeo alle iniziative di ciascuna, allargare l’ambito del networking dei rispettivi soci dalla sola scala nazionale a quella europea e promuovere la costituzione di analoghe business chambers in altri paesi d’Europa.
La collaborazione su scala europea nasce quindi con l’obiettivo di far scaturire per i soci delle tre Business Chambers maggiori opportunità ed occasioni di scambio e crescita del loro business.
Di seguito il testo della dichiarazione congiunta:
PRESS RELEASE October 18, 2018
Inspired by the messages and findings from the 2018 East meets West Conference in Vienna and confirmed at the UK NGLCC Summit in London, the three European LGBTI Business Organisations have just signed a new cooperation agreement. East meets West (Austria & CEE region), IGLBC (Italy) and SGLCC (Scandinavia) this way jointly answer the recognised need for a better alignment in Europe.
The signatories consider the joined support and encouragement of their local LGBTI business communities as a unique opportunity for creating powerful LGBTI business role models, and by doing so, developing a more positive mind-set towards the overall LGBTI community.
The cooperation follows fully the principles expressed in the signed “Vienna Declaration on LGBTI Businesses”, of which the two most important principles are:
• Joint support towards the further development of LGBTI owned and managed businesses across Europe by establishing a European-wide platform, where small LGBTI businesses can discover new business opportunities and also meet corporate players.
• Commitment for mutual support of each others activities while respecting a level of regional independence, and commitment for openness towards any new European-based LGBTI Business Organisation that wants to share and support the Declaration basic principles.
If you are interested to know more on how you and your business can profit from the new European cooperation, visit
Learn there more about the benefits for both, the LGBTI small businesses and the corporate players, and most importantly, register to be in an early stage part of this unique endeavour.